Wednesday, 22 July 2020


Everybody always says that everyone has problems. But few would sit back, and reflect, on how life’s problems can vary between individuals. For many, they are facing the unthinkable. For some, the impact is severe when it involves the sudden loss of a limb. How do one cope with that?

Well, for one individual, it is no bother. The gentleman who hails from Silibin, Ipoh, rose up to the challenge and slowly grown within him a wealth of experience to share on how life can still be beautiful in spite of the trauma of losing a leg he once had.

DJ Cross was once Thomas Alvin Cross. He was the common joe excelling in the hotel line. Graduating from Stamford College, He was working in hotel management in a few roles in Singapore, namely for Pine-tree Club, Oriental Hotel. Until a sudden car accident caused critical damage to his leg.

This was in the mid-90s, where he climbed back with a great purpose, and after training with his guru DJ Apache, he was a regular music expresser at clubs and bars such as Iguana, Ronnie Q, Finnegans and Waikiki. Talented and enthusiastic, the finest oyster was about to open wide.

Then as years go by, tragedy struck in 2010. His leg was facing complications. It has to be amputated. As a human being, it means he can no longer be mobile and free. Being a hardcore football fan, he cannot run about the ball. His whole life was wrecked.

He was shattered. In the ensuing months, he lost all hope. Flushed with anxiety attacks and clinical depression, it took a whole year for him to decide what the hell he wants from his life, now that he is an amputee. Everything he wants and could have been, was taken away.

Many would take years to recover, but for DJ Cross, he knows he has to make the best of life. It took all his effort to improving his movement with his crutches, getting used to crawling up the stairs, small steps he needed to take for greater things to come.

By 2011, he has learnt to adapt to the situation. From there, his belief in himself increased. He recognizes his need to get back what he has lost and improve his quality of life. His first quest, was to find back the ability to sustain himself and be independent again.

With the advent of Grab e-hailing in 2012, he dived in as one of the first OKU drivers in the industry. And with his connections, he managed to continue some of his gigs as a DJ, spinning for Waikiki again, and in later years, Rock Bottom at Desa Park City.

From there, life was blossoming again. He decided to go the extra mile – why not do the things people think they are not able to? What started out as an amateur project called Lepak OKU, has now grown into a full YouTube channel, Gempak OKU, where his growth was documented.

Among his adventures include car reviews, and music band sessions, to his Grab adventure detailing even application processes, in addition to that the small steps of his travels around Malaysia. He also reviewed some fantastic food in today’s market, and reported on the rare sighting of an unidentified flying object!

The YouTube channel sharing his growth to a better life has now passed one thousand followers and growing. His rising reputation has also seen him recently driving the Volvo XC40. Yet, as he encourages himself, he hopes to inspire other people who are disabled, to simply, move forward in life.

The need for growth is something we often take for granted as we go about the inane and the mundane. Especially in our darkest and most painful moments. We need to rise against the storm life brings. And we are thankful to have another individual now leading the way up.

Explore the adventures of DJ Cross at Gempak OKU, as we unravel in the quest for a better life lived whatever the circumstances. In a time where there the world can be a difficult place to maneuver, the passion and drive will help us make our tomorrows a special one.

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