Wednesday, 8 July 2020


Malaysia’s first inclusive club for everyone involved in the entertainment industry – emcee, musician, singers, clowns, dancers and magicians, amateur disk jockeys and many other entertaining talents – is getting into frontiers largely ignored within the industry, to offer valuable assistance and information that will bring positives into the lives of entertainers today and secure their livelihood conditions tomorrow.

It started with some disk jockeys and emcee's having a normal talk. That simple. The topic was the often mentioned matters and issues of the entertainment scene that have been parroted around to death, yet nobody nor groups are taking a better stand to do something. It was a time to reflect.

The key problems, the lackadaisical behaviours from entertainment groups, the casual attitudes of the members of the entertainment industry, and entertainment glory hunters stalking around, have left a population of entertainers unsettled with their professions, unfulfilled with their payments and unprepared for any eventuality that life could bring to them.

These talented entertainers may have the expertise and experience to perform. However, many of them do not realize they need to make a sustainable income out of it. Coupled with poor lifestyle choices, they are without access to information about insurances, taxes and savings, along with health planning, wealth planning and retirement planning; all that will impact their lives.

KIPM meets
with Dato' Sri Dr, Mohammed Azman B Dato' Aziz Mohammed,
Ketua Pengarah Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO)
They have been undercut by others, and underpaid by clients. KIPM makes this simple argument; every entertainer has their price that is fair and justifiable by many. If one were to make purchases like for example, at BMW, are we going to bargain to pay less than the actual value?

Recognizing these problems and eager to readdress them, the small group of established entertainers came together to form this club, registered, transparent, committed, with a constitution, that will help eradicate ignorance of the sustenance of life, protect the value of entertainers, and assist those who fall into stone hard times.

Kelab Industri Penghibur Malaysia is now in action, doing their best to change mind sets among entertainers and their clients. Among well-known people in KIPM include A Radha Krishnan. KIPM has plans to make approaches for sponsorships from audio visual equipment brands such as Nexo, Turbosound, RCF, Midas, Sennheiser, Shure, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Rane, DW, Tama, Sonor, Marshall, Ibanez, Fender, Hartke and many other related brands which the Malaysian entertainers has been supporting for about 5 decades or more now.

They are relatively new. They aim to crash the cycle affecting entertainers.

Mugunathan Balakrishnan aka DJ Masterbase,
getting much support from KIPM
KIPM have created ripples that we see can cause changes, starting with initiatives for healthcare, intending to get medical treatments, such as dialysis, to be covered for entertainers who are under certain health issues, with charity events and donation drives. They are opening food delivery e-commerce channels for entertainers with lesser income to sell home cooked meals to sustain.

KIPM wishes to redirect and enhance entertainers’ way of life, and to be different from how other similar organizations have been run. They are ever determined to be effective, to have a club legacy that carries on. We have good hope. As often said, the future, is in good hands.

Klang Valley Life! would like to thank the committee members of Kelab Industri Penghibur Malaysia or KIPM for the fantastic sharing:

DJ Cross (Gempak OKU)
VP David Anthony (Avenue Big Daddy Events)

There is no doubt they will be a prominent presence soon.

If you are an entertainer, you are most welcome to join Kelab Industri Penghibur Malaysia or Malaysian Entertainers Industry Club. Please visit and like KIPM’s Facebook page. If you wish to request further information, do drop them an email.

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